Welcome to the First Centennial Mortgage Corporation Portal. By completing and submitting the below form, you will submit a Verified Consumer Request pursuant to the California Consumer Protection Act of 2018. Any Personal Information submitted through this Portal shall only be used for purposes of verifying your identity.

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    Subscriber, who has NOT completed a mortgage application with us, but may have provided contact information.Applicant, who has submitted a mortgage application to us, but mortgage loan did not close or fund.Borrower, who has submitted a mortgage loan application to us and the mortgage loan closed and funded.Third Party Agent/Vendor, who may do business with us, but is not a borrower or applicant for a mortgage loan.

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    When you make a request, we may require that you provide information and follow procedures so that we can verify the request and your jurisdiction before responding to it. The verification steps we take may differ depending on the request you make. We will match the information that you provide in your request to information we already have on file to verify your identity. If we are able to verify your request, we will process it. If we cannot verify your request, we may ask you for additional information to help us verify your request.

    Consumers will be required to submit their first and last name and email address and may also be asked to provide their telephone number or address so that we can verify the request. Please provide as much of the requested information as possible to help us verify the request. We will only use the information received in a request for the purposes of responding to the request.

    California law permits California consumers to use an authorized agent to make privacy rights requests. We require the authorized agent to provide us with proof of the California consumer’s written permission (for example, a power of attorney) that shows the authorized agent has the authority to submit a request for the California consumer. An authorized agent must follow the process described below to make a request. The authorized agent must also verify his/her own identity. We will confirm the agent’s authority with the California consumer about whom the request was made.

    Please be advised that as a financial institution federal laws may preempt the rights provided to you as a California resident. Therefore, we may be unable to honor all aspects of your access request or deletion request. If this is the case, we will provide an explanation to you in our response.

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