lets take a quick look at 2021 and where we may be headed next

Let’s Take a Quick Look at 2021 and Where We May be Headed Next

What a ride it’s been! If you were involved in the home market in any way last year, let’s hope you were buckled in.

Bidding wars, skyrocketing home values and low rates made it a year unlike any other for homeowners and buyers:

  • Inventory fell to record-setting lows, with far fewer homes for sale than buyers wanted. The resulting bidding wars created record-setting price increases, too.
  • Rates remained low with a few small bumps along the way, but record rates of inflation placed them on an upward trajectory at year’s end. They are still below historical norms.
  • Rising values brought large increases in homeowner equity, so even those who weren’t moving benefitted from the strong market.


If there’s one thing the last two years have taught, it’s that predictions are fallible. Here’s what we can say with confidence:

  • Inflation typically brings higher interest rates. The Fed has already indicated it will likely raise policy rates (which influence mortgage rates) in 2022.
  • Housing inventory remains tight as we enter the new year, though it is loosening. Continuing demand will create higher prices, but rates of increase will likely slow.
  • A strong jobs market and rising wages will help to keep demand rising and affordability in check.

First Centennial Mortgage can help you review your financing options and guide you as you move into the new year. Contact us to learn more about how you can begin your journey to homeownership.

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