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Everyone Deserves to Own a Home

Many refugees who move to the US come from countries where they did not have the right or ability to purchase a home. So, when they come to the US, they truly seek the American Dream of homeownership.

Many refugees, including Aaron, come from a dangerous life in their home country. Aaron’s family grew up in Palestine and then migrated to Saudi Arabia to escape violence when he was a child. In 2016, Aaron made his way from Saudi Arabia to the US with the dream to own a home and have a safer life.

Aaron applied for a mortgage several times during the last five years but was continually denied due to a low credit score. After many denials, Aaron was ready to give up, but his friend introduced him to Rabih Chamseddine, Mortgage Loan Officer at First Centennial Mortgage. Rabih helped Aaron determine a plan to improve his credit. After working hard for four months, Aaron increased his credit score and qualified for a mortgage. His dream was finally in motion!

Not only did Rabih help Aaron increase his credit score, but he also advised Aaron to pay off his debt which had become a financial burden. Aaron used his down payment savings to pay off his car loan and applied for a Down Payment Assistance (DPA) home loan program to pay for his down payment. Because Aaron had no debt, he was able to get a low-interest rate on his mortgage and lower his monthly payments.

Today, Aaron credits Rabih for helping him become a homeowner and achieve the American Dream, something his family has not been able to do for more than three generations. Aaron is extremely grateful and has promised to send his friends to Rabih when they are ready to own a home and he has already sent four referrals.

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