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Less Is More — Decluttering After the Holidays

Decluttering and organizing a home has become a hot topic in recent years, with a new method for living a spare and joyful life. One of the best ways to get a fresh start for the new year is to systematically declutter your home. While it sounds easy, many people need a boost or a road map to get started.

Decluttering can help restore calm after the frenzy of the holidays. Many people struggle to find room for holiday gifts, especially if they haven’t planned for them beforehand. One good thing is that reorganizing and decluttering go together. With over a quarter of Americans suffering from a clutter problem, tackling this stress-causing issue in the new year is an excellent idea.

Various principles can help you sift through items and decide which to keep and which to get rid of. One method is to only keep items that create a sense of joy. Another technique is to evaluate items that have been used and maintained. Dusty or unmaintained items like mugs, broken furniture and rarely used toys are obvious candidates for donation or environmentally friendly disposal.

Reorganizing after the holidays

One effective technique is to condense groups or collections of items that have accumulated over the years. Advancements in digital media storage have made it possible to scan and store very large numbers of photographs and memorabilia on small, portable drives.

One expert list of the 50 top items to start with on a decluttering venture is particularly helpful.

Another method advises people to address categories of items in sequence. For example, books should be examined apart from kitchenware, which belongs in its own category. Looking at all of the similar items together lets you remove the duplicates and unwanted items much more easily than if they’re in a mixed pile.

Donating duplicate gifts

Helping another family realize their holiday dreams while receiving a tax deduction seems like a foolproof formula. Items that are still usable or functional make excellent donations. Shifting from an acquisition to a donation mentality can reduce clutter and lift your spirits.

With small residences, examining your overarching mindset can help you achieve your decluttering goals. Priorities that made sense earlier in a relationship can be reevaluated and changed. Couples who grew up with different lifestyles during the holidays may find that certain traditions and customs, such as keeping multiple sets of china and glassware, are familiar to one, but not the other. One young couple sat down and examined the principles that were truly important to them for the holidays and realized that most of them didn’t relate to material acquisitions.

Indeed, once you declutter, setting objectives and limits to avoid new clutter and its attendant stress is just as important as decluttering in the first place. Whether you’re interested in sparking joy or in simply having enough room to breathe, decluttering is a great way to start the new year.

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