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Great Yard and Garden Projects to Work on While at Home

If you’ve been working from home in recent months, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time sitting in or looking at your yard and garden. Spend your free time in the weeks ahead on projects that will improve the look and feel of your home’s green spaces.

Ideas for Outdoor Projects

Working in the yard is a great way to have fun in the outdoors without having to travel, and it can relieve stress and tension. Furthermore, projects that beautify your house can improve both the experience of living there and the potential market value if you plan to sell  the home in the near future. The following are three ideas you can apply to your own little environment. They can largely be handled alone, meaning they are compatible with social distancing, and they won’t strain your budget.

1. Put in a Raised Garden Bed

This is a project for homeowners who feel they can’t have a garden because of a persistent problem with weeds or plant-eating pests. If your previous efforts to plant flowers or vegetables have ended in the unfortunate sight of plants chewed off at the roots or weeds stealing all the moisture, you can strike back by assembling a simple wooden box that will create a raised area of soil safe from the problems on the ground.

If you’re looking for a job that combines traditional do-it-yourself building with gardening but isn’t too difficult, crafting a raised garden bed may be a perfect use of a day. Affordable wooden planks from your local hardware store, or reclaimed from a source such as an old shed, are the main component. With a few nails or screws, those boards will turn into a beautiful raised garden bed.

2. Create a Fire Pit Area

A fire pit can provide warmth and atmosphere when you and your family are relaxing in the yard on summer evenings. A high-quality stone fire pit is a perfect addition to a yard, whether you build it yourself or buy the feature from a store. Creating a cement or cobblestone patio around the pit itself is a good use of a few days, and will ensure you have a safe and comfortable place to enjoy the flickering firelight for years to come.

Adding a few additional elements to your fire pit, such as weatherproof chairs that will remain outdoors permanently, can make the space more convenient and fun to use. When people are cleared to gather for parties again, your friends will be impressed by the new feature in your yard and eager to spend hours catching up as you talk around the fire and toast marshmallows.

3. Attract Birds with Feeders, Birdhouses and Wreaths

Birds are great visitors to your home, with their songs bringing a feeling of calm and their wings adding splashes of color to your yard. There are several projects you can undertake to show your feathered friends they are welcome and make them feel at home. If you like to work with wood, you can build a birdhouse. You don’t have to limit yourself to store-bought wood, either. Found objects that have been hanging around in the shed can become walls or a roof for your new project. If it goes well and your birdhouse looks great, you can start giving these to friends as presents.

Of course, the fastest way to a bird’s heart is through its stomach. If you want birds to make extended stops in your yard, you can buy and set up a feeder. The kind will likely depend on the setup of your yard – is it better to have the feeder hang from the eaves, or should you get a free-standing model in the middle of the yard? If you live in an area with squirrels and want to ensure they don’t take all the seed, it can pay to buy a model with anti-pest features. You can even take a more direct route and mold birdseed into a wreath to hang. Birds will surely drop by for this tasty treat.

Financial Support for Your Gardening Goals

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