9 things to do with leftover halloween candy

9 Things to do With Leftover Halloween Candy

You may already be wondering what you’re going to do with all your leftover Halloween candy this year. Perhaps again you’ll have extra that wasn’t handed out, or your children bring way too much home. Considering the 13.1% increase in cost of candy, you will likely want to find a use for it instead of trashing your treats. Here are some ideas:

Use it in the kitchen:

  • Bake it into cake and brownie mixes
  • Add to DIY trail mix
  • Use as cupcake toppings
  • Freeze it and use throughout the year

Use it with your favorite drinks:

  • Chocolate and wine are a great pair
  • Add chocolate to coffee for an easy mocha

Use it for decorations or parties:

  • At Thanksgiving add candy corn to your tablescape for pops of color. Or, put out small candy dishes
  • A variety of candies and colors are great for decorating gingerbread houses during the holidays
  • Save it for a pinata for the next birthday

Here’s a tenth idea: if you still do not find use for your leftover candy, consider donating it. Check your local area for places that will gladly take your candy for use in care packages. You could look for programs for troops overseas, nursing homes, food banks or shelters for example. If you are donating candy, make sure it is new and securely wrapped in original packaging.

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