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The Marino Lending Team
Client Reviews

Outstanding continual communication and direction through the entire process. Great follow-up whenever we needed a document. Positively relentless follow through with our old bank/loan facilitating documents we needed from them, getting it done in hours when the bank told us several weeks.

- Dean P., Naperville, IL, March 2020

Last week I attended a class full of tips to improve my business. Loved it! Thank you Glen for all your help.

- Dinar D., Google Review, March 2020

Glen is great! The knowledge he has for consumers and realtors is excellent! Looking forward to partnering with a great team!

- Erin B., Google Review, March 2020

I attended Glen's "Win More Listing Presentations with the KILLER Listing Presentation" class. It turned out so helpful. Lots of handouts and carefully prepared slides. I can tell he put lots of love and hard work into it. I can tell he really loves to help people. I can tell he really hopes all realtors succeed. His easy-to-understand, vivid training style makes the class so enjoyable. Thank you Glen for such wonderful training!

- Yinyan Z., Google Review, March 2020

Glen is very good at working with realtors including me. His team provide all help without any trouble, He is the best friend of realtor and all my clients. If you are a realtor or someone need get a loan, he is the one you should consider.

- James C., Google Review - February 2020

Easy from the very beginning. Tony and Blanca were quick to respond.

- Brian M., Joliet, IL, February 2020

Being a first-time homeowner, the patience and knowledge we were met with was extraordinary. The process was smooth and the experience was as stressless as possible.

- Arthur G., Joliet, IL, January 2020

Everything was perfect tony was always fast to respond and help with all questions I had. Would recommend anyone I know to contact tony for help.

- Morgan K., Orland Park, IL, January 2020

Glen Marino's Property Website and Social Media Marketing training class is both priceless and a clear unfair advantage over the competition for any Realtor who chooses to put the work in to implement the strategy. Glen selflessly shares with and patiently teaches Realtors step by step the how to's of a comprehensive Marketing Plan that would otherwise take most of us months if not years to learn on our own - if at all. I greatly appreciate Glen's efforts to make me a better Realtor in providing a Marketing System that is second to none and am proud to call him one of my Team Members as a resource for helping homebuyers achieve their dream of home ownership.

- Fernando F., Google Review - January 2020

I thought this is just a class to learn something basic about real estate then he will sell you big ticket item. Boy, was I wrong. As a brand new agent I walked out of Glen class (only the first class) I learned programs that I wish I would have known while I was buying my house and I know programs that could help my future buyers that other lenders might not have to offer or even know about. The Killer Listing presentation Glen showed was gold. Right after Glen's class I was able to have 2 new buyers that ready to go with the program that Glen taught in the class. Highly recommend to attend Glen's class and work with his team.

- Candace B., Google Review - December 2019

Tony was GREAT at processing my mortgage. He made me feel like a valued customer. He is usually available for a phone call and always promptly returned my calls when he was not. He is very easy to speak with and always had an answer for every question that came up. As soon my wife and I had a home under contract, Tony was in command. He always informed me when a something needed my attention and there was never a delay on his end. Tony made my experience of getting a mortgage a walk in the park. I highly recommend Tony for anyone getting a mortgage.

- Christopher C., Bolingbrook, IL, December 2019

Glen is AMAZING! I normally need a lot of assistance when learning new things but the way he teaches was perfect for me. I was able to pick up quickly with his follow along, printed step by step instructions. You can tell he puts a lot of love and hard work into his presentations and truly loves helping people. His comforting, easy going personality makes for such a wonderful learning experience. Thank you Glen!

- Es Gil Real Estate Team, Google Review - October 2019

I was very pleased with quick response to questions I had during the loan process.

- Wayne B., Des Plaines, IL, October 2019

I thought I was not able to get a house but you all kept me positive about everything to do and I thank you for that.

- Lynette W., Bellwood, IL, October 2019

Tony was awesome. The communication between everyone was swift and smooth. If I had a question or sent in information, answers and updates were given in a reasonable amount of time.

- Cody R., Montgomery, IL, September 2019

Very informative. So many tools to get exposure of properties you have listed. Thanks so much Marino Team

- Latonya J., Google Review - September 2019

Tony Marino helped my husband and I from the start of our home buying journey- Tony went above and beyond our expectations. From late night questions to the “silly” questions, he answered them all. He explained each loan we qualified for and what our best options were- we closed in about 30 days! This team is honestly amazing and we will definitely work with them for any future home buying! Being able to submit our info on their website saved us so much time and that was a big thing for us with our crazy schedules. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything Marino team!

- Jessica C., Google Review - July 2019

You all made the approval and application process smoother by telling me upfront what is needed and communicated along the way to make for a pleasant home buying experience. I appreciate that.

- Ethel F., Chicago, IL, July 2019

I am a first time home buyer and the idea of purchasing a home was quiet overwhelming, until i met with Tony and the team at First Centennial. Our initial meeting was very extremely helpful. Tony was able to slow the process down and explain to me every step of the way. For someone who has no experience in this, he was also able to help me understand all of the terminology that will be used in the process. The pre-approval was very simple and this is where everything started to move quickly. We watched interest rates and Tony contacted me when we had the best opportunity to get locked in to the lowest rate possible. He walked me through each of our down payment options and benefits to each. The customer service was excellent. Tony provided me with all the information i needed to be able to provide him documents and statements that would just make the overall process of buying a home, much, much smoother. Tony was very timely on responses to email's and phone calls. He even took phone calls when he was not in the office. I did not have to provide any further documentation throughout the underwriting process as Tony really set me up for success, allowing me to provide every aspect of information they would need about me along the way. He handled all the communication between my realtor, attorney etc. I would highly recommend Tony and his team to any person who is thinking about buying home, but overwhelmed about the process. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a second, third or fourth house. They made this home buying process extremely simple and STRESS FREE! If i had to give them a rating out of 5 stars, it would be 10/5. Could not be happier with the whole process!! Great job Tony!

- Branden F., Aurora, IL, July 2019

Tony went beyond our expectations. We loved being able to provide our info and documents on your secured site. My husband and I work hectic schedules and being able to provide documents day or night helped us tremendously! Tony answered all of our questions from big to small and always got back to us super fast! He really made this entire home purchasing process as easy as can be!

- Jessica C., Braidwood, IL, July 2019

Working with Tanya and her team was great. She went above and beyond to help me through every step of the home buying process.

- Julie M., Aurora, IL, June 2019

We enjoyed working with Tony! Throughout the whole process he was knowledgeable, worked with our specific circumstances, and made sure we closed on time even when it came down to the wire. He and the other staff were friendly and efficient. We would definitely recommend this company!

- Adrian Y., Naperville, IL, June 2019

Working with Glen Marino exceeded any of my expectations. I am a Realtor and Glen worked with me to set up my personal real estate website for my business. He is very knowledgeable especially about the lending process. It is a pleasure working with Glen. If you are in the market to buy a home, I highly recommend you contact Glen. Thank you for all your help.

- Margaret H., Google Review - May 2019

It was great working with the team, everyone was really helpful and ready to help when needed.

- Dalwinder K., Oswego, IL, April 2019

Our overall experience was absolutely wonderful! We were first time homebuyers and Tony walked us through the entire process. We appreciate all of the help from First Centennial.

- Sara M., Bourbonnais, IL, April 2019

Glen is amazing! I am so thankful for all of the knowledge and expertise he has shared with me. I look forward to a long prosperous relationship with the Marino team!

- Suzie G., Google Review - April 2019

Glen is extremely knowledgeable, innovative and creative! He teaches a great class with relevant content.

- Caryn D., Google Review - April 2019

We're very satisfied about the service that Marino Lending Team provided us. We're now a proud and happy homeowner.

- Art G., Google Review - March 2019

I just want to give my sincere thanks to each and everyone of you for making this dream of mine come true! As the saying goes, "TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK". So again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Felicia M., Google Review - March 2019

My experience with you guys was awesome. It made realization of my dream having a home here in USA. And my family is soooo happy!!! Because of that I immediately recommended you with my friends and still and always recommend you. Thank you so much.

- Catherine G., Aurora, IL, February 2019

This team is the best I have ever deal with, they are professionally competent and ready to answer your questions any time even after off office hours. They will break all your questions down in a layman language for you to understand all the terminology. I will recommend this team anytime anywhere because I strongly believe in their competency.

- Abolade O., Google Review - February 2019

I met Glen Marino many years ago and I’ve been working with him and his marketing system every since, Glen’s dedication to helping real estate agents is unparalleled, he believes in Realtors and he goes all out give them 100% of his time and effort to help them market themselves and their businesses, Glen thank you for all you do for real estate agents and myself personally, your enthusiasm and your knowledge helps us to achieve our goals on a yearly basis, thank you for everything, you’re a true business partner and friend.

- Danny R., Google Review - February 2019

The entire Marino team at First Centennial Mortgage took on our hardship situation and made it their own personal mission to help us qualify for a home loan that otherwise might not have been possible. They fought hard on our behalf, and maintained constant communications to keep us informed. We felt as if we were part of a family. While the process was stressful and at times uncertain, they never waivered in their efforts to get us our home.

- Mark B., Google Review - October 2018

These people were fantastic. Tony Marino was very responsive and the whole process went smoothly and efficiently!

- Frank A., Google Review - September 2018

I contacted Glen and tony marino for a client of mine that there pre approval with another lender (their Choice} was not going good since the lady at that mortgage company that act that she was the loan Officer, processor ,and the underwriter, "jack of all Trade" since she was trying to have my client to go with her Husband since he was a Realtor with another firm, but my client refused her offer and their pre approval was rejected ,and after one day of receiving my client full documentation Glen and Tony marino came to rescue, We are shopping for my client dream home with Trust and confidence.

- Khaled A., Google Review - August 2018

Glen Marino & team really know their business!

- Judy O., Google Review - August 2018

Always an outstanding source for information and assistance. Glen works diligently to get all my referrals approved and works with us closely until the last "i" is dotted and "t" crossed on the closing documents. He always follows up to make sure all parties are completely happy and have no questions or concerns.

- Marilynn A., Google Review - July 2018

Mr. Marino, Excellent presentation! You made it very easy to learn and follow. You introduced me to some things that I didn't know existed. Keep it coming!!! Thanks for your Time and Effort.

- Vernita S., Google Review - June 2018

Where do I start? Glen Marino is absolutely professional, knowledgeable & most important motivated to provide what is right for his clients. It is a pleasure to work with him!

- Terri M., Google Review - May 2018

First Centennial offers a great team of loan officers. The follow up is exceptional and the programs that they offer allow for plenty of options for Realtors to close on the deal. Glen does a great job of educating realtors on ways to obtain buyers and also how to offer great marketing material for promoting homes for sale.

- John S., Google Review - May 2018

I cannot say enough about the professionalism of this lending institution. They helped me buy a home even though I did not have a spotless lending history, and they personally walked me through every step of the process. Every time I called, Tony answered the phone and was there to help assuage my anxieties and reassure me. This is a phenomenal lending institution and a great team to work with!

- Christina D., Google Review - April 2018

Top notch service from start to finish. I send my clients here again and again!

- Michael S., Google Review - April 2018

Glen Marino and his team are extremely easy to work with, think outside the box, and provide excellent service! Strongly recommend!

- Fel S., Google Review - April 2018

I have been overwhelmingly impressed with The Marino Lending team!! Tony is who I have mostly worked with and has taken me from not knowing a single thing about the home owning process to feeling confident in the entire process and clear on what needs to be done. Communication has been constant and clear. I have never wondered "what's next?" because I am constantly being informed on where we are in the process and what is the next step. Buying a home is scary - and being a FIRST TIME homeowners even more intimidating but Tony has made this as simple as possible. Not only has the process been seamless, He did the extra paper work to make sure that our family was in the best financial situation possible when buying. I know a friend who did not have someone like Tony, and they are paying thousands more than us simply because their lender knows they are new to the process and is lazy. THANK YOU TONY for keeping the most money in our pockets while buying our dream home! I truly feel set up for success and it's all a thank you to you!! Ask for Tony - I promise your pocket and peace of mind will thank you.

- Ashley T., Google Review - April 2018

First Centennial Mortgage and this Team of experts are in the best location and best trained faculty that I had work with in the last five years in a role, I use them and I will refer them always.

- Reynin R., Google Review - April 2018

Glen Marino and his team are awesome. I highly recommend them as your lender.

- Tanya W., Google Review - April 2018

Most up to date rates and great people to get the job done.

- Daniel M., Google Review - March 2018

Tony & Blanca both were fabulous to work with and very responsive. I have nothing bad to say at all! At first there was some concern with closing in less that 30 days, Tony Marino reassured my husband and I he would make it happen. Tony and Blanca were very communicative and open with what they needed from us. We made sure to keep up as fast as possible to make our deadline. Tony and Blanca both did an amazing job, kept the communication open and were very specific with their expectations. I will definitely be recommending them to family and friends who are in search of recommendation for the house buying mortgage process. Thank you so much Tony and Blanca for your hard work and speediness!

- Megan F., Hanover Park, IL, March 2018

I greatly appreciated the professionalism, efficiency, and courtesy of the whole team.

- Mary M., Plainfield, IL, February 2018

Glen and his teaching skills are amazing. Great lender will make you feel at ease.

- Roberta D., Google Review - February 2018

The Marino Team goes above and beyond on customer service, communication and comprehensive knowledge on mortgage loans and down payment assistance. If you are in the market for a mortgage do yourself a favor and get a quote from the Marino Team. You could be surprised how easy the home buying process can be, with the right experts.

- Cristina R., Google Review - February 2018

Glen Marino and Ben Rosales are true Partners with Realtors and their clients in not only helping Realtors grow their business but also providing their clients with a trustworthy lender. Glen and Ben are great communicators.

- Suzanne H., Google Review - February 2018

The Glen Marino team is always exceeding expectations. They help their clients by giving them the best loan possible based on their situation.

- Yvonne King Realtor and Real Estate Investor, Google Review - February 2018

Glen and hi steam are great at what they do. He is hardworking, and goes the extra mile to satisfy his customers needs. Thanks Glen!

- Jeff J., Google Review - February 2018

Not only are The Marino Team experts at getting a transaction to the closing table, they really care about their clients. Nothing means more to them than to put a deserving buyer in their dream home. I find their follow up and execution to be first rate!

- Loria H., Google Review - Janurary 2018

Glen and his team are committed to helping a buyer and their family BUY a new home. You can't go wrong by trusting them with your purchase financing.

- Mark W., Google Review - Janurary 2018

First-time homeowner and the process was very smooth. I did shop around for rates and First Centennial matched my best offer. I would definitely consider using them again for my next purchase.

- Norman T., Google Review - Janurary 2018

Glen Marino and the Marino team are professional and trustworthy. I have worked with them for 3 years and I could not be more happy and impressed with this group of Mortgage professionals.

- Robert L., Google Review - Janurary 2018

This lending team has not only helped nearly all of my clients with competitive loans, they make it easy from start to finish. In addition to providing excellent service to borrowers, this team of experts has enhanced my real estate career with marketing classes and brilliant social media marketing techniques that have taught me how to expand my business and my client base. Thanks, Glen! You're the best!

- Stewart F., Google Review - January 2018

The Marino Lending Team goes above and beyond! They maintain consistent communication and offer agents unique strategies to building their business. My Team and I have benefited greatly from working with Glen and his team. I am super excited to see how my business will continue to progress by working with this awesome Team!

- John B., Google Review - January 2018

Glen Marino and his team are truly the best in the business for all your Mortgage needs. Glen's entire team is responsive, on time, accountable and truly care about every client they have. Glen is a great guy and I personally have referred him to others several times.

- Michael S., Google Review - January 2018

Very easy to work with and they will take the time to explain things if you don't understand.

- Andria B., Google Review - January 2018

Great ease of experience, professionalism, patience and friendliness. First time homebuyers here and everything was a breeze. Great crew, I will definitely reach out if and when we decide to sell and buy again.

- Joel M., Google Review - Janurary 2018

Glen and Tony did an absolutely fantastic job for my family and I, the process was simple and easy, and they got every done quick and in a hurry. I very much recommend The Marino Lending Team, especially for Veterans and other Hero services

- Bryan P., Google Review - January 2018

First Centennial absolutely exceeded our expectations! I’ve shared our great experience with friends and family! Tony and Blanca were extremely attentive. Thank you for making our refinance experience the best!

- Lolita C., Mokena, IL, January 2018

My refinance experience was wonderful. I was aware of every step of the process. This was a much easier process than I thought. I loved being able to close at my house.

- Janet G., Shorewood, IL, December 2017

Tanya was very professional and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend her to family and friends.

- Sharon M., Kenosha WI, November 2017

Tanya Reyes helps me tremendously with the purchase of my home she was always there to answer any questions and even when I didn't think things were going as well she assured me that things were going perfect and was there every step of the way without any worries for me.

- Stefanie L., Roselle, IL, September 2017

It was great working with Tanya, she made my experience of getting a mortgage very relaxing with her knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend Tanya to all friends and family.

- Randy M., Kenosha WI, September 2017

Your response to questions I had where quick. I never had to call back .

- Wayne B., Des Plaines, IL, 6 2017

Tanya was great and on top of everything as well as everyone who made this happen for us.

- San Juanita D., South Elgin, IL, June 2017

Tanya was great and on top of everything went smooth and thanks to those who made this happen.

- San Juanita D., South Elgin, IL, June 2017

Tony Marino and First Centennial Mortgage were wonderful with answering our many questions and guiding us through the mortgage process under a strict deadline. His calm yet efficient demeanor was exactly what we needed during this stressful process. We faced some obstacles, but Tony was always able to find a solution. For example, the seller's lawyer was very slow throughout the entire process, and he mailed the title through regular mail despite the risk of missing our closing deadline. Tony found an alternative way to obtain the information we needed for the title. We are so grateful we had Tony to help us through the mortgage process, and we highly recommend him and First Centennial Mortgage.

- Michael M., Des Plaines, IL, June 2017

I will recomend first centenial to all my friends and I'm so happy I found First Centenial Mortgage.

- Juan M., Carpentersville, IL, May 2017

Tanya was amazing! Tanya was great to work with and worked tirelessly to help us get our refinancing we needed.

- Dylan R., Washougal WA, February 2017