types of outdoor seating areas patios and decks

Types of Outdoor Seating Areas – Patios and Decks

Thinking of ways to create a summer oasis in your backyard? Building your own patio or deck is one way to save money and create a charming seating area for your house. Let’s go over some basic options.

If you’re going to build a patio on ground level, you can go with brick, flagstones, paving stones, or cement. Make the choice based on your aesthetic preferences and budget. To start, you’ll need gravel or limestone paver base, or sand as a foundation.

Depending on how much space you have, it may be better to attach a deck to your house, working with either natural wood or composite materials. Decks are also a great option of you have an uneven space to work with.

To get built-in shade for your patio or deck, you can construct a pergola overhead, helping you keep cool through the hotter months. Add-on features such as screens or curtains can create additional outdoor comfort.

From there, you’re free to add furniture, strings of lights and decorations. Live plants can also add pops of color to really make the patio your cozy place to relax on summer evenings.

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