top smart home devices for 2023

Top Smart Home Devices for 2023

As the calendar turns to 2023, smart, connected devices have become a fixture for many homeowners. You can start the year by picking out some of this cool new technology for your own house.

A smart thermostat is a good place to start. It can optimize your energy costs while keeping every room the perfect temperature. You can even adjust your home’s temperature while away or on vacation.

On that same energy-saving theme, what about smart light bulbs, which keep you from wasting power when you’re not around. When you’re out for an extended time, you can set schedules to make it appear as though someone is still occupying the home. This can add an extra layer of security.

No more digging for your keys. Smart locks help you lock or unlock your door with the tap of an app. It’s as simple as that.

Smart smoke detectors can also be a useful piece of tech, giving you peace of mind by remotely alerting you of any possible fire. They can also inform you if there are any errors with the devices throughout your home. It’s important to have your smoke detectors in working conditions at all times.

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