how to properly sanitize your kitchen counters

How to Properly Sanitize Your Kitchen Counters

How long has it been since you sanitized your kitchen counters? If you are thinking of cooking for your guests during the upcoming holidays, you’ll want to have clean counters. A clean, sanitary kitchen counter is an essential part of your home. Make sure every meal you prepare is wholesome and safe.

Here are a few tips on getting this peace of mind:

First, before sanitizing your surfaces, you should clean them. This means wiping them down to clear away debris. Then, continue with dish soap and water.

Once you’ve cleaned your kitchen counters, it’s time to sanitize. You’ll want to use a disinfectant solution — either store-bought or a natural choice such as water and vinegar. These will remove the bacteria and contaminants from the surfaces.

Be sure the surfaces are nice and dry before you use them for food prep. Bacteria, mold and fungus like to grow in moist environments. Keeping your countertops dry will help make them less appealing to microbes that can make your family sick. Clean your countertops regularly, but take the extra precaution of drying them with a clean cloth after a wash. Between cleanings, wipe down areas on your countertops and around your sink where steam settles or condensation accumulates.

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