frequently asked questions about composting

Frequently Asked Questions About Composting

Composting is an earth-friendly way to turn trash into a useful soil additive, and you may be excited to try it. But if you’re just getting started, you likely have a few questions.

First, what does it take to make a good compost pile?

Get right mix. Your pile should have equal amounts of “browns,” tree branches, coffee grounds, or dead leaves, and “greens,” grass and produce waste. Other paper products can be added as well. You should keep the pile moist so all groups break down.

Tight on outdoor space? Consider getting a worm composting bin; these sit right in your house and have no smell at all. It’s such an easy way to compost, even if you don’t have a backyard to get started yet.

Then, how long can you compost?

Will your compost pile last through cold weather?

You can absolutely compost all year round. Decomposition will slow down in cooler temperatures but will still be active. Some tips are: get the right ratio, track temperature, and monitor moisture. Also, Keep your compost pile in a black plastic bin and in direct sunlight to continue the composting process through winter. Hay bales can be used to further insulate the pile.

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