fun summer activities that wont break the bank

Fun summer activities that won’t break the bank

There’s nothing quite like sweet summertime. Wonderful weather, no school for the kids, and fun summer activities abound during this season. Keep in mind there’s no need to break the bank with those activities, either. With a little imagination, families can enjoy themselves on a budget all summer long. Here are creative ways to enjoy everything the warmer months have to offer.

Fun summer activities for outdoor adventures

Summertime was made for exploring nature. Sunny, hot days and warm, hazy nights make the perfect environment for kids and adults alike. Some of these classic summer activities are made for the whole family, such as:

  • Planting a small garden
  • Burying a time capsule
  • Hiking, biking or walking trails
  • Photo scavenger hunt
  • Water fun in a sprinkler, pool or lake

These outdoor adventures will help build memories you’ll all cherish for years to come. Plus, if you choose to plant a garden, you’ll enjoy the fruits (and vegetables!) of your labor later this fall.

When it’s time to find a shady spot to relax, bring out the sidewalk chalk and find a cool patch of concrete. Kids will enjoy coloring for hours, giving them respite from heat and exertion. Then, when the sun finally sets, light up the bonfire and roast s’mores. Tip: Try upgrading your s’mores by using peanut butter cups in place of the chocolate, or fudge striped cookies in place of the graham crackers.

Find fun indoors, too

If you need a break from the hot weather, or it’s raining, there are innovative and entertaining summer activities to be found indoors, too. Now that school is out for the summer, it’s time to catch up on your reading. Kids and adults can tackle a summer reading list. Your local library is bound to have suggestions to get started, and some offer prizes for reading more books.

Next, if you’re always hearing the iconic “I’m bored” from your kids, here’s a simple solution: Build a boredom jar. A boredom jar contains slips of paper with budget-friendly activities, such as “have a five-minute dance party.”

Last, now’s a great time to work on a summer science project. It’ll help the kids avoid summertime brain drain and keep them curious until school is back in session.

Head out of the house

If you do want to venture away from home, there are ways to plan fun summer activities without cleaning out your bank account. Check out your local library and see if there are any groups your kids could join. This is a fun way for them to socialize and avoid too much screen time. You can also check your town’s newspaper and bulletin boards to see if there are any free concerts or performances. You’d be surprised how often you’ll find outdoor summer performances at no charge.

If you have more time to burn, plan a road trip and head straight to your nearest state or national park! Not only are the parks affordable, but it’s a great way to learn about nature, history, and geology.

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