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What You Can Do With Persistence and Motivation

Juan came to First Centennial Mortgage wanting to buy a house for him, his wife and their four children so they could live the American Dream. Juan is a first-time homebuyer and referral from a past client. He is wheelchair bound due to his cerebral palsy so he has very little muscle contract and can’t control his hands. He is always smiling, happy and has a positive and infectious attitude.

The goal was to qualify for this mortgage using solely Juan’s income and debt. Juan works a full-time job to support his family rather than collecting disability, but he has an expensive car payment which gave him a high debt to income ratio (DTI).

After discussing the numbers with his loan officer at First Centennial Mortgage, Juan knew his DTI wouldn’t allow him to qualify for the home he and his family wanted. After the conversation, Juan set a new goal. In a few short months, he paid off his car. With less debt to his name, Juan could now qualify for a home loan around $100,000. He said, “I think I can work with that.”

Juan received his pre-approval letter from First Centennial Mortgage and within a week, Juan had a contract on a home. Through First Centennial Mortgage’s help and advice, Juan and his family achieved the dream to buy their first home. Juan is truly proud and is eternally grateful to First Centennial Mortgage.

At First Centennial Mortgage, we focus on helping you finance the home of your dreams. No matter what your story is, we’re here to help you.

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