What Does Homeownership Mean to You?

What Does Homeownership Mean to You?

Jose and Carolina just bought their first home. They moved to the US and became citizens as children, but they never imagined they would ever own a home. Owning a home felt like an unachievable dream, but that didn’t stop Jose and Carolina from working hard their whole lives to achieve this American Dream.

Now, as an older couple, they decided to take a chance and get pre-qualified with Greg Burkett, Mortgage Loan Officer at First Centennial Mortgage in Houston, TX. They qualified for an FHA loan and met all the criteria. They were thrilled! They began searching for a home and found one they could envision living in. Jose and Carolina provided all the documentation required to make the loan process run smoothly.

At closing, while Jose was signing the loan documents, Carolina began to cry. Jose looked at her and asked if she was okay. She said she never thought they would be able to buy a house and she was overcome with emotion. She never imagined she could achieve something so big in her life. This moment was eye opening to Greg who helps people purchase homes every day. Greg said, “when she began crying, it brought the value of what we do right back to me. People depend on us to help them buy a house and improve their lives.  It’s a huge moment in someone’s life.”

Jose and Carolina cannot thank Greg enough for helping them achieve this huge milestone in their lives. As new and excited homeowners, they are referring all of their friends and family to Greg so they, too, can achieve this exciting dream.

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