The Importance of Trustworthy Advice

The Importance of Trustworthy Advice

Carey is a first-time homebuyer who ran into some unforeseen issues buying her first home. Over a period of eight months, Carey went under contract on three different homes that she fell in love with. With each of the first two homes, the purchase contract fell through because of faulty seller disclosure statements, failed inspections, and more.

Carey’s dreams were shattered. Was she ever going to become a homeowner? It’s easy to become discouraged when things appear to go wrong, time and time again. This is where Rebecca and Eric of First Centennial Mortgage came in. Rebecca and Eric are patient, attentive, and responsive loan officers who started working with Carey while she was searching for a new home and stayed in touch with her throughout the process.

When Carey finally found the right home eight months later, she was excited but nervous.  She reached out to Rebecca and Eric to talk through her hesitations. “Rebecca and Eric spent an hour answering my questions on the phone before I even started my loan application.” After that conversation and having worked together for months, Carey completed her application and soon had a purchase contract accepted – she was going to become a homeowner!

When Carey received her closing package a few weeks later, during the Christmas season, she didn’t feel comfortable signing these documents without fully understanding them. She immediately called Rebecca and Eric, and together, they spent their holiday on the phone addressing Carey’s questions and reviewing every line item on the closing disclosure statement.

A month later, Carey celebrated the new year with the purchase of her dream home! She attributes the success of her home purchase to her team at First Centennial Mortgage. “Rebecca and Eric are a fantastic team to work with! They are truly incredible. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for a mortgage, and I would especially recommend them to first-time home buyers, because they are SO patient. Thank you so much, Rebecca and Eric. You are as “top shelf” as they get!”

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