Work with a Loan Officer You Can Trust

The Importance of Trust

Kathy came to Danielle Mahon, at First Centennial Mortgage, looking to buy a home. Kathy was living with a friend at the time. Before that, she lived at a Women’s Shelter for several years where she had found refuge from her husband’s emotional and physical abuse. Like many women, when Kathy finally built up the courage to leave her husband, she left with nothing, only the clothes she was wearing. She literally had nothing else.

Because of her past, Kathy had a hard time trusting anyone, especially when it came to her personal and financial information – the information required to obtain a mortgage and buy a home. Kathy was very cautious sharing this information in fear that it would get back to her now ex-husband and he would find her.

Danielle worked closely with Kathy to build her trust and ensure Kathy that her information would be safe with Danielle. Rather than communicate via email or phone, they met in person to get to know each other and discuss Kathy’s situation along with the required documents to start the homebuying process. Having all their communications in person made Kathy feel safer.

Through this one-on-one time, Danielle was able to connect and build trust with Kathy. Ultimately, Kathy found her dream home, put an offer in, and let Danielle take it from there. When moving day arrived, Kathy did not have anything to fill her house, no dishes, silverware, furniture, etc. Kathy’s realtor stepped up and started collecting donations to fill Kathy’s house. Danielle and others donated lamps, tables, blankets and general housewares.

Today, Kathy is proud of herself for getting outside of her comfort zone and trusting Danielle to fulfill her dream. On closing day, Kathy, with tears in her eyes, hugged Danielle saying, “because of you, I have a home, finally.” Danielle said it was the most emotional hug she has ever had. Not only has Kathy’s life been changed forever, but so has Danielle’s.

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