The Delicate Business Of Saving A Childhood Home

The Delicate Business Of Saving A Childhood Home

Last spring, Tracy’s mother died. Tracy, now in charge of her mother’s estate, went to a mortgage lender to transfer her childhood home into her name. She was assured “everything would be ok,” and put her trust in the lender.

However, almost immediately problems arose, the largest being that she was not advised this process required going through probate. Probate would put Tracy at great risk of losing her long-time family home and lasting memories of her mother. After spending months working with the original lender and making no progress, Tracy’s sister referred her to Cassandra Bajak, a First Centennial Mortgage Loan Officer, who her sister had worked with in the past – what was there to lose? Afterall, Tracy had already lost confidence in her original lender who was now unresponsive to her calls and emails.

Cassandra received the call from Tracy and immediately enlisted the help of her title company and Tracy’s attorney. “Cassandra’s follow through during this process was at 1,000%. She is clear and precise, and her professionalism is remarkable. Cassandra fought hard, saved me money, made me feel important, and showed me respect.”

Together, with the help of Fannie Mae and the Customer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Cassandra and her team were able to get the payoff and documents needed to move the process forward and close on Tracy’s childhood home. “Cassandra executed her senior mortgage banking skills and knowledge and saved my childhood family home of 38 years. She did in two weeks what the other mortgage company couldn’t do in seven months.”

To avoid probate, Cassandra secured a full title policy for Tracy on an inherited refinance and corrected any additional missteps from her original mortgage lender. “It’s amazing what can be done when you have a lender that cares about you and puts in the extra effort. Cassandra is clearly passionate about what she does. She went above her job description to execute the saving of my deceased mother’s home that was in an awful reverse mortgage.”

Tracy and her family were grateful to keep their childhood home after spending several months almost losing it. In fact, this is something Tracy says she will never forget and says she would recommend anyone to Cassandra in the future. “My family and I can’t express how grateful we are to have this woman and her team come into our lives. Thank you, Cassandra! Whenever I can recommend her, I will! I feel everyone in need of similar mortgage services should seek out and have the opportunity to work with Cassandra Bajak.”

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