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Overcoming the Big Bank Predicament

Maria is a homebuyer whose journey came with many obstacles to overcome. Maria and her husband, James, owned a home together for years but sadly James suddenly passed away. His departing left Maria as a widow who now had the responsibility to manage the home and finances by herself. Not only this, she soon discovered that James had refinanced the mortgage two months before his passing and took Maria off the loan and the title.

The home was older and needed many costly repairs. Maria soon realized handling the upkeep of the house was too much to handle on her own. She decided to sell her home in Illinois and buy a condo in South Carolina to be closer to her daughter.

Here’s where the difficulties started to add up. The large bank who serviced the current mortgage refused Maria’s payments because she was not on the mortgage or title. The same bank was also requiring 12 months of on-time payments for her to qualify for financing her new home in South Carolina. No matter how many times she spoke with them, she got nowhere closer to resolving these issues. In the middle of this predicament is where Maria found Cindy Allen, Mortgage Loan Officer at First Centennial Mortgage.

Cindy was able to apply her expertise to the situation and get the title issue resolved. She spent hours on the phone and finally found the right title company to work with. She also worked closely with Maria’s attorney to allow the sale of her prior residence. The entire process took nearly a year to complete. During that time, Cindy worked with Maria to boost her credit standing and purchasing power for her next home.  

Maria and Cindy worked through many obstacles together in the selling and buying of two homes. In due time, Maria was able to move into her new place in a new state. To this day, Maria stays in touch with Cindy by sending her cards and notes of thankfulness. Maria and her family are very grateful to have found Cindy to work with. 

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