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Taking the Road Less Traveled to Reach the Co-signer

Linda Busse, Branch Manager of First Centennial Mortgage, was working with Samantha — a buyer whose credit was not strong and required a co-signer on her loan application. Samantha’s parents had agreed to co-sign. Jim and Dawn were hard working individuals, operating a large farm on their property in rural Wisconsin. The farm was without internet access or a fax machine, and the couple did not have time to spare to drive 3.5 hours one-way to Linda’s office location.

To get the loan process started, Linda decided to drive to the farm for their signatures. When she got there, Dawn was in the farmhouse available to sign, but Jim was out working in the barns which were a couple miles away from the farmhouse. Jim did not use a cell phone and was unable to be reached to ask him to come back to the house for signing paperwork.

When there are no roads, make one

Linda knew she had to go to Jim, however, there were no direct roads that Linda could see. Seeing no other way, she hopped on one of their horses — with no reins or saddle — and rode bareback to meet Jim where he was working. Once she got there and explained what needed signing, he looked at her and pointed to a road behind him and said, “You know, you could have taken the road!” They both had a good laugh.

Jim appreciated the effort Linda made to get to him and the help she was providing their daughter. Jim and Dawn did attend the closing and gave Linda a nice ball cap with their farm’s logo on it as a gift.

The slogan for the Linda Busse Team is ‘Just Great Service.’ This is just one of the many stories showing how they go out of their way (in this case literally) to provide excellent service to their clients. 

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