How Much Home Can You Afford

Reduce Stress by Knowing How Much Home You Can Afford Up Front

Anita, a US Army Veteran, and her husband Thomas had been dreaming of owning a home where they could start a family and raise their children. Due to their lower income and higher debt, they feared they would not get approved for a house large enough to grow into.

They started their home search with a realtor but then became unsure how much they could afford to buy and didn’t want to fall in love with a house that was too expensive. Their realtor referred them to Len Tricroce, Senior Loan Officer at First Centennial Mortgage. Len had an initial conversation with Anita and Thomas to determine some basic financial goals. At the end of their conversation, Len sent a link to his online application. When they were ready to take the first step, they completed and submitted their loan application.

Within 24 hours of completing their application, Len and his team pulled their credit and let Anita and Thomas know how much they could afford to spend on their dream home. Because Anita is a US Army Veteran, they could finance their home with a VA loan. At First Centennial Mortgage, veterans are not charged the customary lender fees which saved them significant money on upfront costs.

Knowing how much they could spend on a house, Anita and Thomas began home searching again. Within two weeks, they found a home and made an offer. Their dream of becoming homeowners came true! Anita and Thomas are thrilled to be homeowners and cannot thank Len and his team enough for their help and guidance throughout the homebuying process.

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