Karth Barr

Qualifying Shouldn’t be the Hardest Part

George came to Karth Barr, District Manager of First Centennial Mortgage, after being turned down by numerous lenders who simply told him, “Sorry, but you don’t qualify.” George was seeking a low loan amount, just over $100,000, but also battled overwhelming debt. He struggled to manage his credit score due to maxed out credit cards, collections, monthly bills, and more — all of which were bringing his credit down and dashing his hope of owning a home.

Karth uses an educative approach for his clients and came up with a plan to help George become a homeowner. He worked side-by-side with George for nine months to strategize a comprehensive payment plan that would be most beneficial in paying down debt and increasing his credit score. Karth stayed in regular communication with George to help him work through the plan one step at a time. In due time, the hard work paid off and George was able to increase his credit score enough to become qualified and approved for a home loan.

Fast forward and George is now a homeowner! He couldn’t have been happier than to work with Karth. George has referred numerous friends to Karth and has created a lasting friendship as well.

A small loan and under qualifying credit that everyone else said “no” to ended up being a great ending for both George and Karth. In this case, the qualifying process just needed time and attention, and most of all, a lender who was willing to help each step of the way. If you’re looking for home financing, contact your local First Centennial Mortgage loan officer today.

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