Getting Pre-Approved and Moving In – In the Nick of Time

Sam and his family came to Carl Melby, Loan Officer at First Centennial Mortgage, asking for help in the middle of the pandemic. Their current home was already sold and they were having a hard time getting offers accepted in a search for their new home. Because of Covid and its effects on the economy, there are less homes on the market and more buyers looking to buy. When it is a seller’s market like this, it is more difficult for buyers to negotiate when there are several offers on the same house.

To counter this, Sam and Carl worked to get pre-approved so that Sam would have better buying power during the bidding and negotiation process. Having a pre-approval letter shows the seller that you are serious about buying a home and that you can afford the one they’re selling. After a few offers had fallen through, Sam and his wife finally had an offer accepted and they signed a contract.

Sam and his wife were in a hurry to close on their new home as they were pregnant with their first baby, due in about a month. They desperately wanted to bring their newborn home to a nursery in their new home. Knowing this, Carl was able to close their loan in only 22 days instead of the average 45 days, leaving just enough time for Sam and his wife to move into their new home and set up a crib in the nursery before the new baby arrived. Just 5 days later, the baby was born and they were able to bring her home to a new home with a nursery. Sam says, “What you did was amazing and we greatly appreciate it. We moved in this weekend, celebrated with family and friends, and my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday. You helped us achieve our dream in the nick of time and we are extremely happy! Any friends or family who may be looking for a new home or to refinance in the future will be delighted to work with you when the time is ready.”

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