Magnifying Mortgages, early closings for two first responders, first-time homebuyer

Early Closings for Two First Responders, First-Time Homebuyers

Being a first-time homebuyer can present a lot of questions. Most wonder about the whole process — from first qualifying, all the way through finding out the closing date. That was especially true for two first responder clients who worked with Cassandra Bajak, Senior Mortgage Banker at First Centennial Mortgage.

The Hardworking Nurse

Merida is a nurse who had a baby on the way at the time she was house hunting. After she and her partner finally found their new home, they had already welcomed their new baby to the world. Now having a whole new set of responsibilities, she was looking to move into their new home during her maternity leave. Her hope was to get her family settled in before heading back to work.

Cassandra heard all of Merida’s needs and immediately went to work in helping her. Knowing she wanted to close early, Cassandra pushed things along and regularly checked in with her lending team.

Merida shared, “Being a first-time homebuyer, I had no idea what to expect. Everything was thoroughly explained to a point where I understood what was going on with my loan. There was constant communication every step throughout the process.”

The Brave Firefighter

Amelia is a firefighter who had just overcome a hard battle with Covid. During her recovery she unfortunately had to miss a lot of work. Amelia was in the market for a new home, desiring to be closer to family. Also on her wish list was to find a place with a backyard for her new puppy. She eventually found her house, perfectly located very close to her family. Moving in as soon as possible and without having to miss more work is what she hoped for.

Cassandra listened to all of Amelia’s concerns and desires for closing on her loan. She quickly resolved any issues and made sure everything kept moving along on schedule. Amelia could not have been happier with the experience saying:

 “Cassandra works day and night for her clients! While she is amazing at her job, she is not all business. She really gets to know her clients which is refreshing. As a first-time homebuyer, she had plenty of informative resources for the process to run smoothly. She answered all my questions and made sure I was happy with my purchase and what I was going to spend. I’m very thankful for her hard work.”

Celebrating Women’s Roles

Cassandra knew Merida and Amelia had a desire to close early and immediately went into action. It is not always possible, but she made the early closings happen for both clients. Cassandra wanted to do all she could to help these women who work so hard to help others every day. Both are first responders, both women — making it a great way of celebrating Women’s History Month. Choosing the right loan officer makes all the difference in your lending experience. Decide on a loan officer who will understand your needs and work hard for you!

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