A Last Minute Change

Nikolaos was in a pickle. He sold his home and had two weeks before the new owners would move in. He was very organized and had everything in place to purchase his new home, except his lender was not responding to calls or emails. With a wife and infant, Nikolaos was worried they would be forced to sleep in a hotel between homes. Due to the pandemic, as well as the cost, this was not an ideal option.

Nikolaos’s real estate agent put him in touch with Chris Eastman, loan officer at First Centennial Mortgage. Needing his urgent help, Nikolaos called Chris right away and while on the phone, he completed an online application through Chris’s website and uploaded all the required documents. Because Nikolaos was so organized, things were able to move quickly and smoothly.

As a father himself, Chris understood Nikolaos’s need to get his family into their new home without having to stay in a hotel for an unknown period of time. Chris was able to pull some strings to expedite the loan process and also offered a better rate than the original lender, by 0.5%. This was just the beginning of the incredible experience Nikolaos would have with Chris and his team. Within five business days, Nikolaos’s loan was clear to close, meaning his loan was approved and final documents would start to be prepared for signing on the closing date.

Chris and his team were successful in expediting the loan for Nikolaos and closed in 14 days, just in time for Nikolaos and his family to move out of their house for the new owners to move in. They are beyond grateful to Chris and his team at First Centennial Mortgage and look forward to recommending them to everyone they know looking to purchase or refinance.

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