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Yard and Garden Musts to Get Ready for Early Fall

The changing of the seasons can have a big effect on your yard and your garden. When the warm summer weather recedes and leaves begin to turn, will your plants be ready for what’s to come? Performing valuable prep work at the end of the summer can be critical to ensure your lawn thrives even when autumn ends and winter sets in. These yard tasks can also be relaxing, giving you plenty of time out in the fresh air to work on beautifying your property.

5 Summer-to-Fall Yard and Garden Musts

The following are five of the projects you can undertake in the late months of summer. August and September are great times to get out in the yard, especially after a few weeks pass and the heat and humidity of summer fade. So whether you have a small lawn, an elaborate set of gardens or anything in between, here are some tasks to take on:

1. Prepare your soil

During the summer, when plants were growing quickly, the greenery in your yard and garden likely soaked up a lot of the nutrients from compost and peat moss. This means that in the late summer and early fall, it’s a great time to lay down a new layer. Mixing the new soil with the existing remnants from the summer can create a nutrient-rich mixture that will serve your plants well when they start coming back in the spring. Getting a head start on enriching the soil is a great way to prepare for another year of beautiful plant growth.

2. Apply fertilizer to your lawn

Grass needs attention in the late summer and early fall to help it come back strong the next year. This may mean applying extra fertilizer, though it could at first seem counterintuitive to fertilize the lawn right before it stops growing for the year. This round of lawn care is designed to repair damage that happened during the hot months. Summer weather can be tough on grass roots, so a coat of fertilizer in autumn can help strengthen the lawn for when it bursts back into life after the winter has passed.

3. Reseed grass in the trickiest patches of the yard

If some parts of your lawn have faded entirely during the summer, you’re better off reseeding them in the late summer or early fall than during the hottest part of the year. Young grass seed is not the hardiest of plants, so if you spread the seed when summer is at its peak, the grass won’t stand a good chance of sprouting. As fall goes on and the air becomes more hospitable to grass seed growth, you can get great results from your patches of new lawn. If you want to launch a major reseeding of the whole yard, this is also the season to tackle it.

4. Care for your perennials

One of the most important things to keep in mind when working on the flowers in your garden is that each variety of plant requires a different type of care. By matching your actions to your flowers, you can keep the perennials looking great when they bloom in spring. For instance, you should cut off faded phlox blossoms and snip clematis vines entirely to prepare for next year’s blooms. Roses demand more hands-off treatment: If you prune roses in fall, new flowers may spring up and get damaged by the winter weather.

5. Check on your gear and prepare for next year

Each season calls for different yard and garden tools, as well as various fertilizers and other chemicals. The change from summer to fall is a perfect time to take inventory and make sure you’re not hanging on to materials that have expired or ones that won’t keep their quality through the colder months ahead. Maintaining your tools to ensure everything is being stored correctly and won’t suffer rust or other types of damage in the winter is another good habit to get into. This is the gear that will help you take care of your yard and garden year in and year out, and it deserves attention.

Reasons to Care for Your Yard in Fall

Yard care is always a good idea. When you’re moving into a new home, taking an interest in lawn care and gardening can help the place feel like yours. If you’re thinking about selling your current house, yard work can entice potential buyers and show the property at its best. The work is also fun and makes the space more hospitable for your family and guests. If you’re considering buying or selling a home soon, talk to your First Centennial Mortgage loan officer about financing options.

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