Why new appliances are a smart home improvement upgrade

Smart Home Improvement Upgrade: Why You Should Consider New Appliances

One of the smartest upgrades you can do for your home is to replace your older appliances. There are a number of reasons for this. For starters, new appliances will save you money. Depending on the type, you can reduce your water and electrical usage by significant margins.

Second, new appliances are attractive to buyers! Even if you don’t plan to sell in the next few months, these upgrades can certainly pay off when you do decide to list. It’s important to keep your neighborhood and comparable homes in mind – don’t overspend for your area, or you may not recoup those costs.

With that said, here is a list of a few of the appliances you should consider replacing first, for the cost savings and the boost to home equity.

“Consider replacing these appliances first to save money on your utility bills.”

1. The refrigerator
Your fridge is the centerpiece of your kitchen and the most-used appliance in your home. Give it a little love. Currently, stainless steel fridges are in, as are makes with French doors and external ice and water dispensers. When you go shopping, you’ll see fridges with the freezer on the side, next to the fridge, on top of the fridge, or on the bottom. The bottom is typically more efficient, as cold air sinks, while side-by-side can be less efficient, albeit functional.

2. The dishwasher
Next on your replacement list should be the dishwasher. Newer versions use much less water and electricity and can do the job better than their dated counterparts. On top of that, you can pick up a new stainless steel variant to match your fridge! There is less variety in dishwasher design when compared to fridges, but you will see versions with or without handles or with the buttons on the front or the top of the door. Dishwashers are also one of the few appliances that come with a sound rating – keep that in mind, as you don’t want a dishwasher that will drown out your conversation.

3. Washing machine
Like the dishwasher, old washing machines are incredibly inefficient. The big technological advancement here was moving from a front-loader to a top-loader. Front-loaders use less water and do the job better than the old ones. The cost of a total washer/dryer swap can be steep, so you’re more likely to recoup your investment if you have a very dated setup in your home. Otherwise, it’s better to hold out until something breaks.

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