thinking of adding a tool shed to your backyard

Thinking of Adding a Tool Shed to Your Backyard?

If you have a large backyard and an overflow of home maintenance equipment, it’s time for a tool shed. Tool sheds can serve many purposes, the obvious being storing your work equipment, tools, and outdoor machinery. It can also free up space in your garage to accommodate your vehicles. Believe it or not, tool sheds have evolved into outdoor retreats where families relax and unwind from a busy day! Read on to learn how to build a tried and true or imaginative tool shed for your yard.

Plenty of Purposes

The name says it all: tool sheds are typically reserved for power and other home improvement essentials. Lawnmowers, seasonal outdoor equipment, and bicycles can also easily find a new home in a tool shed. If you like to work with wood or are interested in mechanics, consider adding a sofa, chair, and appropriate heating/cooling elements to the shed. This will help your storage space double as space to work!

However, the sky’s the limit when designing a shed in your backyard. Why not turn it into a gardening shed? Add a few large windows to let natural light in and insulation to keep it comfortable as you start potting in the spring.

Sheds are getting more sophisticated, looking more like an extension of your home than a traditional tool shed for your yard. These might serve as an added space for guests to relax, mancaves, or, as some women call them, “she-sheds.” You might turn your shed into an artist’s studio or a playhouse for the kids. Sturdy walls, insulation, and natural light are a must.

Figure out Your Features

With so many options, you’ll want to pay attention to all the available features on the market. For example, though wood sheds cost more money, they last longer. Expect to pay $1,000-5,000 for a pre-built shed, depending on the size. Some are available in kits you assemble at home, but you could also design the shed to go the DIY route. If you go this route, check with your municipality about any required building or digging permits.

Next, you’ll want to consider a tool shed that is the appropriate size for your needs. If you store smaller gardening tools and don’t need a place to work, something small and tidy will suffice. However, if you’re looking for a work or leisurely space, ensure it’s big enough to accommodate you and any guests.

The Final Touch

Last, peruse the variety of shed styles available. Something simple and traditional will work for storing tools and equipment, but you can buy or build genuinely unique structures. Some sheds today include flower boxes, interesting roof lines, and large windows. They resemble small cottages or sleek studios more than toolsheds! Choose a style that suits both your purpose for the shed and your home and backyard.

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