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Simple Ways to Make Your Work-From-Home Space Comfortable

When settling in for remote working, you need to think about your home office area. The same comforts that make a space great for living don’t necessarily ensure it is a comfortable or productivity-promoting place to work.

A few new projects around the house can make your home office shine, and help you stay on top of all your tasks as you get used to the new remote working routine. The following are just a few do-it-yourself areas in which you can dabble. You can supplement these efforts with others in the months ahead.

Put the ‘Office’ in ‘Home Office’

Newly remote workers often choose to make their home workspaces more like the ones they’ve left behind, by installing furniture more suited to a commercial building than a cozy house.

One of the important parts of working at home is maintaining a solid, healthy work-life balance. When one part of your house has been made over to clearly be an office, you can dedicate that space to your career, and when you leave it at the end of the workday, you’re done.

Office furniture also has ergonomic, productivity-promoting features that will help you get things done. It’s a good idea to replace your makeshift desk solution with a real setup that mirrors a well laid out office. If you have a guest bedroom, that can become the home office: After all, you won’t be having guests stay the night during the era of social distancing.

Cast Light on the Subject

If you haven’t worked from home in the past, you may find that some elements of your house are poorly suited to full-time professional use: for instance, the lighting could be insufficient. Using a space with natural lighting for your remote days is recommended, as the sun is the healthiest source of illumination during a long day at the office.

Of course, windows aren’t the be-all-end-all of home office lighting. If you have small or no windows, it’s recommended to use LED lighting. This option is more comfortable than fluorescents and doesn’t rack up your energy bill.

Be Conscious of Your Ergonomics

While having a nice office desk and chair may seem like an indulgence for a home office, you could be doing your spine a big favor. Chair selection is key to keeping your body healthy throughout the day. If you aren’t sitting with good posture, it could have negative long-term effects on your physical health.

It should be noted that “ergonomically sound” and “comfortable” are sometimes opposed concepts. Working from bed is an ergonomically bad idea. Typing while in bed could also make it hard to feel like you’re at work, and tough to create a good work-life balance.

Take Care of Yourself

All the decisions that go into work-from-home renovations are in service of one thing: Keeping you healthy and engaged while you do your job. With remote business models becoming more popular in general, work from home isn’t just a pandemic-era consideration. Home offices are likely to remain common into the future.

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