seasonal decor to blend the best of outside and inside

Seasonal Decor to Blend the Best of Outside and Inside

With many people getting house fatigue, the holiday season is arriving right on cue. The changing seasons are a great time to introduce simple, festive decorations that blend indoors and outdoors. With a bit of forethought, you can transform your home with seasonal décor and bring new energy to your family during the holidays.

Indoor/outdoor garlands and wreaths

Wreaths are commonly found as premade decorations, but making your own out of clippings, pinecones and other found objects lends authenticity to your décor and can be a terrific family project. Challenge family members in a wreath-making contest for even more delightful results.

Natural touches — leaves and branches

No matter what part of the country you live in, accenting your native trees to create a seasonal tree-lined walkway or path can be a festive touch for the holiday season. With inexpensive solar accent lights, you can highlight trees or hedgerows for great effect. If you don’t have natural trees, consider buying potted evergreens that you can situate on either side of the path leading to your front door.

For centerpieces, many designers recommend keeping the presentation physically low to facilitate conversations. The holidays are the perfect time to use heirloom bowls and serving dishes to hold pinecones and found objects from the woods or your garden. If you choose to use branches, twigs and conifer clippings, your artful piece will require little to no maintenance.

Homemade ornaments and front porch decorations

By now, traditional holiday adornments like wreaths, decorative balls and garlands are ubiquitous in stores and homes. But for a fun effect, try supersizing traditional ornaments. Oversized ornaments can put a smile on the face of even the most jaded holiday veteran. A cascading display of presents, boughs of holly and large baubles outside your house might sound over-the-top, but it will certainly make you stand out and bring joy to your neighborhood.

Keep the oversized theme going and transform your lawn into a sea of blow-up holiday figures. Even something simple and traditional, like a pumpkin or a snowman, will give your yard an extra touch that will keep your holiday spirits bright and your home tastefully festive.

Thoughtful lighting goes a long way

During the holidays, lighting takes on a new dimension. Holiday lights can look dramatic, but some sophisticated lighting techniques can make your display look professional and seasonal at the same time.

Impart elegance into your home by incorporating lighting at multiple levels. Floor lamps can provide up-lighting, mid-level lamps can illuminate tasks, and overhead lights and sconces can highlight art and décor. Ensure that your lighting is spread out so that your hard decorating work can be shown off to its best effect.

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