prepare your home for summer with these 3 simple steps

Prepare Your Home for Summer With These 3 Simple Steps

Warm weather is on the horizon, and that means barbecues, gardening and summertime adventures outdoors. While you’re getting ready to enjoy the season, now is a perfect time to prepare your home for summer.

Here are three steps you can take to ensure your home is up to the challenges of the season.

1. Prevent hot weather home damage

Heat and humidity, the hallmarks of summer, can be hard on your home. For example, consider your hardwood floors. If we think back to high school science class, thermal expansion explains why things change shape in response to temperature. Your hardwood floors contract in the colder weather, then expand during the summer months. Floors are designed with thermal expansion in mind, but if they expand too quickly, hardwood will likely buckle.

To prepare your home and keep your floors in great shape this summer, simply turn on your air conditioning when the heat and humidity first strike. This should help keep your floors from expanding too rapidly as they slowly acclimate to the changes. The same principle applies to your roof. The wood can expand and contract over time, causing damage. Make sure air is flowing freely through your home. This should help keep your attic from overheating and prevent damage in the process.

2. Show your landscaping some love

Summer is your backyard’s time to shine. Your outdoor space can act as a second living room, dining room and playroom simultaneously. A key part of making your backyard beautiful is landscaping. To prepare your home for summer fun, spend some time planting and constructing an inviting space.

Even though many plants thrive in the summer, the heat can be too much for many varieties. As the temperature spikes, plants are in danger of losing moisture and wilting. Keep your plants bright and lively by choosing the correct time to water them. Before sunrise is an ideal time to give your plants a drink, while the worst time to water plants is noon to five.

Another easy way to keep your plants healthy is to add high-quality mulch. Light-colored mulch will retain moisture and repel heat the best.

3. Check for flaws to prepare your home for summer

Winter snow has a way of beautifying the world, covering up flaws or cracks in our homes. On the other hand, those cold months can be the culprit behind this unseen damage. When the summer sun is shining bright, it’s a great opportunity to look for cracks and other types of damage from winter.

First, look closely at your siding. You may find cracks, rot or other areas that need attention. Next, inspect your roof for missing shingles and mildew. You’ll want to make sure there aren’t areas where water can leak into your home.

Lastly, take a good peek at your gutters. Now is an excellent time to clean out the leaves and get them ready for the next rainstorm. When it does rain, monitor gutters and downspouts to ensure proper drainage. Checking these three critical areas will prepare your home for the blazing summer sun and help keep your home in tip-top shape.

Partner with professionals this summer

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