haute home decor styling for the seasons

Haute Home Decor Styling for the Seasons

Even the year 2020 can’t keep fall away. Perhaps more than ever, Americans are looking forward to the harvest season. Fall means crisp air, the onset of the holidays and a chance to cozy up indoors with a sweater or a blanket by the fireplace.

Autumn is the perfect opportunity to reimagine the best elements of the season for your indoor décor. Earth tones accented by harvest colors, seasonal produce like pumpkins and gourds, and punchy accents using leaves, branches and other inexpensive items can add comfort and style to every room in your home.

Natural home style for the fall

This season feels the way it looks. There is something evocative about natural wood and earth tones that convey a sense of warmth and coziness. You don’t have to change your furniture to achieve great effects, but an accent table, credenza or storage unit in a neutral wood can be an excellent foundation on which to build an autumnal atmosphere.

Add subtle fall color accents

If you aren’t one to decorate using traditional fall wares, you can find creative ways to introduce the season into your home without screaming “pumpkin.” More permanent decorating ideas like wallpaper can be versatile upgrades that provide a neutral backdrop year-round. Beautiful fall-inspired wallpaper can take seasonal motifs like leaves and render them in pleasing silver and pale gold tones.

For the simplest color accents, use candles and fruit in fall shades of oranges, greens and yellows. Decorative gourds can be found at many farmers markets and grocers in a brilliant array of colors.

Centerpieces, wreaths and place settings

Keeping with the agrarian-inspired fall themes, low centerpieces that use herbs, flowers and leaves add seasonal notes while repurposing your decorative bowls and seldom-used heirloom pottery. The beauty of a seasonal centerpiece is that it can be changed almost daily at very little cost.

Wreaths can be used to great effect from Halloween through the New Year. Boughs of evergreens can be comingled with flowers, twine and decorative items like acorns and pinecones for festive décor that requires virtually no maintenance.

Blankets, afghans and throws

Simple yet effective: blankets, afghans and throws can be stacked in strategic spots around the room and even used as ersatz upholstery covers to instantly convey a sense of warmth and the increasingly popular Danish concept of Hygge. For the ultimate fall experience, consider acquiring one or two tartan blankets for your collection. Tartans can represent historic Scottish clans in fun and vibrant colors and patterns.

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