Effective Ways to Get Your Garage Organized

Effective Ways to Get Your Garage Organized

As summer approaches, don’t forget to declutter your garage. Recapturing space in your garage and organizing tools, sporting equipment, luggage and pantry items can revive spaces that feel stifling, disorganized and daunting. While organizing your garage can be intimidating at first, once you get started, it is easy to make quick progress and see exciting results.

The concept of vertical storage is especially applicable to garages. Many items that are kept in these spaces are either oversized, like bicycles and sports equipment, or are infrequently used, like suitcases. Getting these items off the floor and into overhead shelves or onto pegboards and hooks can open up floor space.

No matter whether you are a seasoned spring cleaning expert or a novice organizer, you can easily clean up your garage with a few simple solutions.

Specific storage solutions for your garage

While cleaning and disposing of unwanted and surplus items is an essential first step, organizing your garage really requires specific storage solutions to prevent clutter from reappearing, but they are simple to execute. Some inexpensive and effective storage concepts include:

  • Buying a cabinet with shelves for cleaning products and lubricants.
  • Getting a few vertical bin holders and labeling storage bins for easy identification.
  • Creating wood caddies for vertical storage for sports gear like fishing rods, bats and rackets.
  • Installing a horizontal board on the ceiling with large hooks for hanging bicycles.

Even for some of the items you probably try to ignore, like children’s toys, storage bins and shelves will go a long way towards keeping sanity and space in your garage – you won’t have to worry about stepping on a lost piece or sweeping it up with the garbage. Moreover, for those who are sick of balls rolling all over the floor, it might be time to try a solution like the Ball Claw to help you keep them out of the way until it’s time to play.

Pegboards and slat wall organizing

Two exceptionally efficient ideas for vertical storage are to incorporate pegboards and slat walls. Pegboards, which can easily be installed by a novice handy person, are the perfect solution to hang lawn tools. Seeing what you have is a far better way to organize your work than digging through piles on dark, deep shelves.

Similarly, slat walls not only look orderly, but they also allow you to hang baskets and hooks to accommodate unwieldy objects like spray paint, hoses and work gloves.

Overhead storage

One of the basic tenets of storage is to recapture “dead” spaces like ceilings and corners, and overhead wire shelving is a brilliant solution for this. The versatility afforded by overhead storage systems provides ingenious space-saving opportunities. Shelves that attach to the ceiling can handle large bins and luggage, while hooks provide areas for more frequently used items.

With a little creativity and the help of some organizing tools like pegboards, overhead hooks and storage bins, you can reinvent your garage space into a productive area – free of clutter.

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