7 rules to consider for regifting etiquette

7 Rules To Consider for Regifting Etiquette

According to a recent survey, more than half of Americans get at least one gift each year that they don’t want. However, the mere thought of regifting often makes the recipients feel guilty.

Sometimes regifting not only makes sense but is also beneficial for everyone involved. Regifting can allow the present to be cherished to its fullest extent while providing you with the satisfaction of spreading joy and saving money.

To help you regift any present with confidence, here are seven rules of regifting etiquette:

Rule # 1: Put Thought Into It

Even though it’s going to be a regift, you still need to put thought into it. Is the gift a good match for the new recipient? Perhaps the gift is more their style instead of yours. This makes a for a great regift.

Rule # 2: Don’t Give Outdated Gifts

No matter how much you want to unload an unwanted gift to a new home, expired gifts are unacceptable. Also remember that trends come and go. Be mindful that outdated gifts will likely not be wanted by your new recipient either.

Rule # 3: Regift Sparingly

Yes, you will benefit from saving money by regifting a present that you don’t desire to keep, but do so in moderation. It can be awkward if someone catches on to you if it becomes a noticeable pattern.

Rule # 4: Personalize Your Regifted Present

From a handwritten gift card to personalized wrapping paper, even a regifted present deserves all the aplomb of an original gift. By following this essential part of regifting etiquette, you can make the recipient feel special about getting the gift.

Rule # 5: Don’t Forget to Take Tags Off

If you redistribute your present without removing old tags, you’ve just been found out. Save yourself and the new recipient the embarrassment and remove the tags. While you’re at it, make sure the price tags are removed as well.

Rule # 6: Regift Within a Different Social Circle

To avoid any hard feelings, think about regifting the present within a social group that does not involve the original buyer of the gift. Practicing this piece of regifting etiquette is one of the simplest ways to keep this between yourself and the new owner.

Rule # 7: Don’t Pass Around Family Heirlooms

One of the biggest regifting rules is to never regift family heirlooms. When someone trusts you with their prized possession, you should respect their trust in you for proper care. Keep family heirlooms in the family!

These rules ensure you know how to regift a present while being considerate of the original purchaser as well as the new recipient.

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