4 home improvement projects you can make in the winter

4 home-improvement projects you can tackle in the winter

While winter is a great season to hunker down and stay warm, it can also be the opportune time to start a home-improvement project. That’s right, don’t let the snow and cold bother you – take this time to upgrade your house and get it ready for the spring and summer.

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, check out these four remodeling ideas you can tackle in the winter:

1. Floors
One of the best projects is a floor upgrade. Whether you want to renovate your existing carpets or hardwood or replace them altogether, this is a task that doesn’t require any outdoor preparations or significant ventilation, making it ideal for the colder months. Best of all, many contractors offer discounts in the off-season, meaning you can hire the help you need for cheaper than you may be able to in the summer. The same can be said for materials, as many suppliers have sales going on in the winter.

“Smart winter projects are affordable, indoors and easy to accomplish.”

2. Fixtures and bulbs
The winter is also a great time to upgrade the smaller elements of your home, such as cabinet fixtures and light bulbs. Since you’ll be running your lights more often during the dark of winter, switch out as many as you can to affordable LED bulbs. As for cabinet fixtures, it doesn’t take a master carpenter to swap out old handles and knobs with nicer, newer ones – all you’ll need is a screwdriver or drill. Therefore, this makes it the perfect project for those sleepy winter weekends.

3. Thermostat
The thermostat is a critical component of a home, but many owners overlook its importance. Don’t do that this winter, and instead upgrade it to a new programmable version. This bit of technology can save you a lot of money in the winter, as you won’t be required to manually adjust the temperature every morning and night. Set what you prefer, and the thermostat does the rest. This reduces minor fluctuations and has less of a strain on your heating system, which means a cheaper utility bill.

4. Water heater
The fourth effective winter upgrade is a new water heater. Tankless water heaters are popular today, which don’t store water inside. Instead, water that passes through is heated, making it more efficient, both in terms of cost and water usage. This is a good project for the winter because it is a relatively quick installation and doesn’t require any outdoor work or ventilation to make it happen. Like with flooring, many contractors also have more affordable rates in the winter. Furthermore, the water heater is something you do not want to have break during the winter.

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