What's the key to transforming your home?

3 DIY projects to help sell your home faster

Home renovation is a great way to spend a weekend, whether you want to remain in your home for years to come or are putting it on the market. Buyers are looking for well-maintained houses with top-quality creature comforts, and there are lots of projects you can undertake to improve your property’s value and appeal.

Embracing the do-it-yourself ethos

There’s no need to call in a contractor every time you want to make changes to your home. The following are three types of jobs you can undertake around the house without professional assistance, turning your own time and effort into tangible value on the home market. These DIY projects are focused on in-demand areas that will catch potential buyers’ attention.

1. Revise your entranceway

The front door is the gateway to your home. Guests and potential buyers will all pass through this space, and enhancing it can make a great first impression. Fortunately, there are lots of DIY ways to spiff up your door, pathway and entrance hall. Better Homes & Gardens recommended such effective and intuitive methods as painting your door a new, appealing color.

Landscaping is another way to make an entranceway feel inviting. Potted plants to suit the season make a great complement to your front door, and tasteful lighting can ensure everything looks sharp, even at night. The magazine suggested a few improvements requiring varying levels of investment, from buying a new doormat to changing the hardware on the front door.

2. Upgrade your bathroom

When potential buyers tour your home, what will they think of the bathrooms? If these spaces are full of shiny new hardware, they can be a true selling point. If they seem like they need work, however, shoppers may view them as a headache. The Balance recommended a few simple but effective changes that can transform your bathroom. An ugly old shower head can be pulled out and replaced by a gleaming new model that won’t leak and will look impressive during a walk-through.

If you want to go beyond the shower, you can replace the toilet. Adding modern toilets is an understated way to make a home feel more inviting and comfortable. The Balance noted that there may be another project to pursue while working on the toilet – while there’s no toilet installed, you have a great window of opportunity to replace the floor.

3. Alternative shelving

Creating a clever and appealing shelving system is a win-win for your room. After all, these features will not only draw the eye. They also allow you to take clutter from the floor and find a place for it, creating a more orderly look for your home. House Beautiful suggested several projects along these lines. You can attach baskets to a bathroom wall to make a DIY linen closet. Shelves built out of A-frame ladders look beautiful holding plates in the dining room.

If you don’t have room for too many protruding shelves, or just want a more modular approach to wall hanging, you can set up pegboards to hold small shelves and more.

Think about your next project

If you’re ready to remodel, you can make use of a renovation loan. At First Centennial Mortgage, we offer FHA203K renovation loans and HomeStyle renovation loans, among others, each designed to meet your needs. Getting the funds you need to transform your living space for the better may be an excellent and timely decision, whether you’re interested in selling or simply want a new look for your home.

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