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Summer Activities Don’t Have to Break the Bank

Now that summer is here and the lingering effects of the first half of 2020 have brought dreams of summer fun into hyper-focus for many people, what better way to welcome the warm weather than by exploring the scores of free or inexpensive activities to jumpstart your fun?

Fun does not mean expensive

Opportunities for inexpensive fun exist in almost every part of the US. With quarantine ending and the economy opening back up in most states, you can start thinking about everything from going to beaches to heading out to a local park – although, it is always wise to keep following social distancing protocols.

Local pools are another great option. With many states phasing their openings, follow your municipal government site to determine when pools near you will open again.

Additionally, during quarantine, many people have seized the opportunity to learn new skills or languages. Online learning has flourished, and digital platforms are ideal for learning foreign languages, coding skills and cooking.

Even major universities like Princeton and Syracuse have been making online learning more accessible and have increased course offerings in topics like structural engineering. Consider looking into learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby – after all, once you pay for it, you’ll have access to the knowledge for a lifetime.

Low-key activities

Time at home has given many people some perspective on relaxing activities. Public parks and trails are free and offer both active and passive recreation opportunities. Take some time to seek out a new park or nature preserve to explore with the family. Frisbee, hiking and picnicking are allowed at virtually every park in the country and are perfect ways to join in on some inexpensive summer fun.

Consider taking a road trip to a state or national park too. While there is a fee for most national parks, many state parks are free to visit. Strap your bikes to your car and prepare for a day full of sunshine and fun as you ride through the wind and underneath the trees.

Another way to break up the monotony of being at home for weeks on end is to actively plan a staycation. Pitch a tent, grab some marshmallows and chocolate, and spend some quality family time gazing up at the stars. If you have an old bed sheet and a projector, all the better! Set it up against your house and have your very own backyard movie night.

Fun projects

For those of you who are creatively inclined, home projects and activities that are perfect for summer include repurposing old materials like wooden pallets into useful items like bike racks and outdoor furniture.

Another ecologically conscious activity is to organize a clothing swap instead of buying new clothes. With this project, you take care of two problems simultaneously: You give your unloved clothing a happy new home and refresh your own wardrobe. Summer is an especially good time to organize such an event as people sort through outgrown or outworn clothes from the previous year.

If neither of those activities suits your fancy, with the advent of digital media, many people are beginning to create their own podcasts. This would be the perfect opportunity to express yourself and share your interests or hobbies with the world.

At First Centennial Mortgage, we can help you purchase your perfect home this summer or refinance to free up some extra cash for summer activities. We provide a variety of home mortgages to suit your needs, and we are looking forward to a fun-filled summer full of exploration and relaxation.

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